Claim land and produce tokenized resources
in this Blockchain Space Adventure that allows
you to become king or conqueror.


Buy, Sell, and Trade Digital Territories & Build Unique Virtual Assets

Choose Your Destiny...





Or both.

Tezotopia allows players to earn off Yield Farming NFTs known as Tezotops or to wage battle against other players to win lootboxes stacked with various prizes such as Unobtanium, Rare Artifacts, Tezos, and Collectibles.

Start collecting land and units today!

Battle Arena Launches Late Q4 2021, but you can build your army now!

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Natural Resources of Tezotopia


Unobtanium (UNO)

Emission Rate: 0.0005/hour

The rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia, Unobtanium is an anti-gravity material that gets stronger by absorbing and converting heat and pressure into energy.

0.50 UNO and 50 ENR are required to build new blocks of land.

Learn more about UNO.


Minerals (MIN)

Emission Rate: 0.5/hour

Minerals are used for the construction of buildings and the production of Machinery.

Minerals are a vital building block to advancing your Tezotop and creating new units.


Energy (ENR)

Emission Rate: 0.75/hour

Energy is harnessed from geysers located underneath Tezotops. Energy is needed for most production tasks, including the creation of new buildings, production of Machinery, combat, and in the terraforming process of developing new Tezotops.


Machinery (MCH)

Emission Rate: 0.25/hour

Create and repair  units out of the manufactured parts or engineer new buildings with the required amount of machinery. The only resource in Tezotopia that is not naturally sourced, Machinery requires .25 Energy and .25 Minerals to be produced.


Buy mercenary robots or create units with your Tezotops to wage war against enemies and earn valuable resources, unique NFTs, and even earn Tezos!

A variety of robots with unique attributes can be assembled for a 9 vs 9 battle with support forces such as aircraft units and artillery tanks!

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