Buildings in Tezotopia allow you to gain on different resources, unlock different elements of the game, and overall improve the value of your Tezotop if you're looking to resell.

Buildings live on the Tezotop once they are built and transact when sold or traded.

Only two of each kind can ever be built on your Tezotops.



The screenshot above is a sampling of your Tezotop Manager. All blocks come with 9 plots of land to build on––the default building every block starts with is the Starbase, which produces Machinery using Minerals and Energy.

From there you're allowed to build on the other plots of land by clicking "build" and selecting the building of your choice. The manager also calculates your Tezotops production rates on an hourly basis.

Below are all the available buildings in Tezotopia and their functions.




MIN: 150 ENR: 300
MCH: 300 UNO: 00

This building gets built automatically the moment a player acquires a new block.

The Starbase provides Machinery production. The Starbase uses .25 of Energy and .25 of Minerals to produce 0.25 of Machinery per hour.

Machinery is vital to the creation and repair of the battle units in the game. Keeping up your machinery production is vital to your ability to raise an army.



MIN: 2000 ENR: 900
MCH: 900 UNO: 0.10

Mineral (MIN) mining is a booming industry in the Tezosphere, and the Terra Mine extracts an extra 3 MIN/hour ON TOP of what's being produced at the moment. It will not effect multipliers.

Meaning if your block has a 4x MIN multiplier the base it is producing per hour is 2 MIN/hour --with this building, it will produce 5 MIN/hour.



MIN: 1200 ENR: 2000
MCH: 900 UNO: 0.1

Accelerate your Energy (ENR) production! Similar mechanics to the the Terra Mine the Accelerator produces 5.25 ENR/hour on top of the base production value.



MIN: 2500 ENR: 2500
MCH: 2500 UNO: 0.25

This reactor produces an additional 0.0005 Unobtanium (UNO) per hour.

The base UNO a block produces is 0.0005/hour, the Unobtanium Reactor matches this output to help you on your way of becoming an Unobtanium Baron.



MIN: 900 ENR: 600
MCH: 900 UNO: 00

Unlocks your ability to create Land Units, you will be given access to new Land Units that become available for production.

Barracks also allow you to produce new battle tactics for your Land Units. Battle tactics are used to give you different advantages in battle.

Not all Battle Tactics are created equally. A library of Battle Tactics is in the works.



MIN: 1000 ENR: 1500
MCH: 3000 UNO: 0.02

Enables the building and repairing Air Support Units.

Air units provide Land units support in battle, dependent on the type of air unit, it can increase your defense or attack modifications during a skirmish. Air units provide Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Speed modifiers needed to succeed in battle.



MIN: 1000 ENR: 1000
MCH: 3000 UNO: 0.02

Enables the building and repairing Artillery Units

Similar to Air units, Artillery supports Land units during battle, artillery is effective in providing defense from above. A cheaper alternative when building a defense shield against attacking air forces. Artillery units provide Attack, Defense, and Accuracy modifiers in battle.