First of all, welcome to Tezotopia–and if this is your first experience on the Tezos blockchain, very big and hearty welcome to you!

Tezotopia is an NFT Game that allows players to earn off Yield Farming NFTs known as Tezotops or to wage battle against other players to win lootboxes stacked with various prizes such as Unobtanium, Rare Artifacts, and Collectibles.

You'll need a Tezos Wallet to get started, we recommend Kukai Wallet and Temple Wallet.

Next you'll need some Tezos: You can buy some here: or

You're all set to purchase some Marketplace items, below is a walkthrough of the marketplace, map explorer, and dashboard. If you have any questions, head straight to our Telegram, Discord, or Twitter and we'll answer anything you might have doubts on!




On the Terrain map you get to explore each land block based on it's inception; every Tezotop (block of land) is numbered starting from 0000, the Genesis Block, to infinity...

Gif.Games, the creators of Tezotopia, minted blocks 000 - 299, the first 300 blocks, and now the community has taken hold of the map and will begin building out the next Tezotops starting on November 12, 2021.

Here you can see every block of land's resource multipliers, and go directly to the marketplace to view it for potential buying opportunity. Scroll through and have a look at the ever-evolving map.


Here you can see ownership of blocks based on usernames. Tezotops owned by users are lumped together in brackets, where you can easily navigate and see the Landlord Domains.

Upcoming features in the map explorer will include the use of spies and diplomats to trigger events, and communicate with other lords of Tezotopia.



The marketplace is split into 5 different tabs, four of them being in-game assets, the last one being Raffletopia where scheduled raffles take place and you can win unique items.

The Tezotops are the blocks of land that produce tokenized resources, those being Unobtanium, Minerals, Energy, and Machinery.

You can buy these resources on QuipuSwap. You will need 0.50 Unobtanium and 50 Energy + 2 Artifacts to mint a new block of land

Artifacts are decorations with multipliers associated with them that improve the stats of your Tezotops.

You can find Artifacts in the marketplace, you will need at least two of them to create a Tezotop. There will be stock artifacts with no multipliers in the Tezotop Builder itself, but if you want to improve the stats of your Tezotop and produce more resources, it is recommended to get artifacts that have strong multipliers.

Multipliers from Artifacts are additive so your Tezotop production rate makes up 1, and any artifacts on top of that add up. The maximum multiplier count you can have on a Tezotop per resource is 9.

For example, if you have a 3 MIN artifact on your Tezotop, it will now be producing 4x MIN. This is what is meant when it's said that Artifact multipliers are additive.

Units also find their home in the marketplace. You will need a minimum of 3 units to do battle, when battles launch in December 2021.

You can sort all items on the marketplace by primary sale or secondary, by simple selecting Possession: Gifdotgames you will only see primary sales.



The Dashboard is where you can see all your inventory, and the production rates of your Tezotops.

You also get a quick glimpse of your resource balance based on your wallet holdings.

Here you can list and delist items onto the marketplace, set prices, and modify prices by clicking on the thumbnail of the asset.

You can see the Token ID access to modify listing price, delist and production rates of the Tezotop if that's what has been selected like the sample below.


The following pages in this Game Guide detail information about the entire game, from resources to units, and the Tezotop Builder itself!

Thanks for joining the Tezotopia universe. We hope you enjoy your stay.