It takes 0.50 UNO and 50 ENR to create a Tezotop. You'll initiate the creation of your Tezotop Block once you have gone to the Tezotop Builder. Here you're given access to drag and drop, and design the block based on the Artifacts you possess. The above is merely a rendering of how the UI will work.

You gain artifacts during battle or can purchase them from the Tezotopia Marketplace.

What are Artifacts?
Artifacts play two roles: decorations for your block, as well as provide modifiers for your Tezotop. Not all artifacts provide modifiers, but the ones that do help make your Tezotop more valuable.

For example, a Mountain Artifact can include a 4x MIN modifier, a Waterfall artifact can include 3x ENR modifier, and a clump of rocks can include a 2x MIN modifier and a Palm Tree Artifact will include no modifiers. The max amount of Artifacts you can place on your new Tezotop is 4. For this certain example, the Tezotop would be rated at 6x MIN and 3x ENR.

On Tezotops that are created by Users it is possible to have 3 modifiers on one block, unlike the original 301 blocks that were minted by Gif.Games. It is possible to have 3x UNO 4x MIN and 3x ENR on a block.

Block Faces
Block faces can also be customized, but simply for aesthetic reasons. You can filter through various skins for the surface tile, the left tile and right tile as well. Matching them up or going wild is solely up to you when creating your Tezotop.

These surfaces are not artifacts and will include a standard skin set in the Tezotop Builder, you can purchase different skin surfaces in the marketplace if you so desire to help make your particular Tezotop stand out even more.