The three natural resources available in Tezotopia are Minerals, Energy, and Unobtanium. Every Tezotop (block of land) produces each of these, some resources are more abundant than others amongst various terrains.

Minerals are produced at a rate of 0.5/hour. Minerals are used for the construction of buildings and the production of Machinery. Minerals are a vital building block to advancing your Tezotop.

Energy is harnessed from geysers located underneath Tezotops. Energy is stored at a rate of 0.75/hour on Tezotops. Energy is needed for most production tasks, including the creation of new buildings, production of Machinery, combat, and in the terraforming process of developing new Tezotops.

The rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia, Unobtanium is an anti-gravity material that gets stronger by absorbing and converting heat and pressure into energy. It is the necessary component needed to create new Tezotops. It is produced at a rate of 0.0005/hour. The development of Unobtanium mines can speed up the delivery of this resource (a Tezotopia Building & Unit Guide will be available soon).



Minerals and Energy are used to produce Machinery. When a Tezotop is claimed it begins with one building, the Starbase. The Starbase uses .25 of Energy and .25 of Minerals to produce 0.25 of Machinery per hour.

Machinery's main use is to create units and buildings. Create new units out of the manufactured parts or engineer new buildings with the required amount of machinery. The only resource in Tezotopia that is not naturally sourced, you can create factories that will boost the production of Machinery, allowing for unit and building growth.

All details on Building & Unit requirements will be in a follow-up page.




You can find blocks in the Map Explorer. Here you can see the stats of the block listed. Multipliers next to each resource represent the production rates of the Tezotop.

In Tezotop 36, it has a 5x UNO and 7x ENR multiplier and MIN and MCH are at base production.

This Tezotop produces UNO at a rate of 0.0025/hour and ENR at a rate of 5.25/hour, making it an Unobtanium and Energy rich land.

Block Age centered at the top of the display card (this is Tezotop #0036. The age of the block is important only in that is an originally designed piece, and there will only ever be 300 uniquely designed NFTs.




What are Artifacts?
Artifacts play two roles: decorations for your block, as well as provide modifiers for your Tezotop. Not all artifacts provide modifiers, but the ones that do help make your Tezotop more valuable.

For example, a Mountain Artifact can include a 4x MIN modifier, a Waterfall artifact can include 3x ENR modifier, and a clump of rocks can include a 2x MIN modifier and a Palm Tree Artifact will include no modifiers. The max amount of Artifacts you can place on your new Tezotop is 4.

The Hula Hut would bring your Tezotop to 3x MIN and 4x ENR; as the artifacts are additive in nature, adding from the base rate of 1.

On Tezotops that are created by Users it is possible to have 4 modifiers on one block, unlike the original 30 blocks that were minted by Gif.Games. It is possible to have 3x UNO 4x MIN and 3x ENR on a block.

You will be capped at 9x total for each resource. You will not be allowed to add Artifacts that put you over the 9x mark.