Tezotopia Land Guide


In the beginning, there was only one course of land, a stirring volcanic rumble beating life into the universe. From it came many, leading generations to marvel at the menace of life beyond, life out there somewhere in a starscape called Tezotopia...








Explore Planet Tezotopia
Embark on a journey through the galaxy toward the unknown, set foot and explore a planet in the Tezosphere, a planet known as Tezotopia.

View the Map Explorer to see the world as it grows.

May 04, 2021 marked the beginning of the Great Land Grab of Tezotopia, claim your parcels of land (known as Tezotops) and become the first space colonists in the Tezosphere. Don't get left behind, because once these initial blocks are sold, they're claimed forever.

What makes these blocks so valuable?
Tezotops are full of resources (Learn more about Resources & Land), and the more Unobtanium a Tezotop has, the more valuable it becomes. Unobtanium is the most crucial component to developing new Tezotops. Players with Unobtanium stores will become world makers.

It takes 0.5 Unobtanium and 50 Energy points to develop 1 new Tezotop.

Tokenized Resources
Resources such as Minerals, Energy, and Machinery, will be tokenized with nearly infinite supply on Tezotopia. This way, you do not have to be in-game to trade resources as you produce them. You can conduct trades, barter, and exchange outside the game if needed. Resources will be auto-mined depending on the setup of your Tezotop.

Unobtanium will be listed on Quipuswap on August 18, 2021.

Unobtanium Token Distribution
Not only is the utility of Unobtanium used to create new Tezotops, it will be an FA2 Token with liquidity backed by Tezos.

The max supply of Unobtanium is 333,333.

Standard Tezotops without modifiers produce Unobtanium at a rate of 0.0005/hour, players can build mines and reactors on their Tezotops to speed up production. Some land, such as the Genesis Block naturally produces Unobtanium at a quicker rate, it produces it 9 times faster, making it one of the most valuable parcels of land in the game.

Early Adopters will be airdropped a certain amount of Unobtanium depending on their participation level.

Before the launch of the Genesis Block, Tezotopia minted Collectibles, those holding collectibles will receive Unobtanium.

Early Unobtanium distribution will go as follows:
6 Unobtanium per collectible held.
33 Unobtanium for holding the single edition Unobtanium collectible.
15 Unobtanium for first 100 Tezotops held.
3 Unobtanium per Mercenary held August 7

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Tokenomics of Unobtanium (UNO)

Initial circulating supply: 3,333 UNO
Max supply: 333,333 UNO

15% of all in-game sales will go toward liquidity
(this has been altered due to Revenue Share percentages being distributed to $GIF token holders and define by the DAO--at current 3% Revenue share but can be altered to 10%)

In-game purchases will all be done with Tezos, save for the creation of new Tezotops, that will require Unobtanium.

Once all 333,333 UNO has been extracted from Tezotopia, no more will be able to be mined.